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Website Design

Cox Media Productions builds design-forward websites that are easy to use and editable by the organization or church after the design phase is complete, with training if needed. Communication and understanding the clients needs is key throughout the process.

Midwest Educational Foundation for Christian Scientists Website


We support a wide variety of Christian Science organizations with the website design and ongoing maintenance.


We work closely with branch churches to design and implement new designs for church websites, as well as we can take over the management of existing websites and assist with regular updates.

Screenshot 2023-11-15 at 1.44.17 PM.png
Christian Science Wyoming Website


Collaboration between regional and urban-area churches can be a powerful tool for the public to become aware of Christian Science, and present a unified and cohesive partnership in support of the local community.


Most lecturers send out a welcome packet. Having a website streamlines the process for you and becomes a single-point of contact for each branch church to refer to throughout the lecture process.
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