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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

We are a team of high-performing and fun-loving Christian Scientists, and our passion for sharing the Christian Science Movement shows in each and every one of our projects. No matter the scope of the project, we work tirelessly to exceed expectations with creativity and technical expertise.

Meet Eddie Cox
CEO  |  President


Eddie Cox is a class taught Christian Scientist.

He is a multimedia Producer, live event Production Manager/Technical Director & A1 Sound Engineer. He is driven to heighten the professionalism, creativity, innovation, accuracy, and freshness within the original vision of live events.

And Eddie is also passionate about serving youth with high level experiences in education, service, and leadership.

His professional ethos is rooted in professionalism, confidentiality, and helping the team to enjoy. He approaches his work as a trainer, working closely with his clients to help them acheive the event they desire. He is easily described as flexible and friendly. 

Meet The Team

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What Past Clients Say

Eddie is a reliable, dedicated and caring person. He brings a strong work ethic, skill and humor to the projects he takes on. I volunteer at the Jackson, WY Center for the Arts where Eddie worked. The staff at the Center thought so highly of Eddie and his work that they brought him back periodically after he moved away from town, and they routinely ask me about Eddie and how he's doing. He made a strong, positive impression.


Head of Professional Learning at Teton Science Schools

Join the team!

Here are the positions for which we are seeking applicants. 

Applicants must be attending Christian Science branch churches regularly.

Class Instruction is highly preferred, and might be required in some cases. We seek to have a diverse team and hire based on demonstrated ability without regard to race, gender expression, sexual orientation, national origin, family status, disability, or age. 

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