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Christian Science Lecturers

We partner closely with the Board of Lectureship and extensively with lecturers to help with any and all logistical and technical questions


Our goals are to enable the lecturer to focus on the content, and help the branch church be able to focus on reaching out into the community. 


It is highly important to us that the lecture and the branch church stay intricately connected and


  • From the initial lecture preparations to invoicing and arranging hotels and flights, we cover nearly every need a lecturer would have while traveling.

  • We fully customize the process to each lecturer’s process and preferences. 

  • Click here to see the list below for examples.


  • Assist branch church technicians, or local professionals hired by branch churches, to record or livestream lectures.

  • Receive the recording, make any edits needed and upload the video to the preferred video platform, (usually JW Player), and support the church to embed the replay onto their website.

  • After the lecturer’s specified length of time, we help the branch to remove the replay and set it to private. 

  • Click here to see the list below for more details.


  • Remove the technical aspects from the lecturer and branch church as much as possible.

  • If equipment is needed, ship our hybrid kit to the church and guide them through the non-technical setup. Remotely control the camera, computer, and microphone.

  • Create customized opening and closing slideshows, facilitate embedding on the lecture webpage, and manage the duration of the replay.

  • Click here to see the list below for more details.


Lecturer preparation and organization

  • Build a website for the lecturer as a landing place for their lecture information. Each branch church becomes responsible to look at the material, and the lecturer doesn’t have to send it out to each branch. 

  • Maintain an app to house the details of each lecture, including flight, hotel, transportation details, lecture details, food options, etc. The app provides a logistical road map for the lecturer's trip. We make sure the data is all correct before the lecturer’s trip begins.

  • Use a scheduling service to help book appointments. Send automated reminders of each meeting, including a zoom link to the lecturer and all attendees. 

  • Most importantly, we stay happy, flexible, and wholly focused on the mission of the work, and seek to support the lecturer in whatever way they need.



  • Book flights based on the lecturer’s recommendation and/or preferences. Each flight is chosen by the lecturer and emailed to us. We book the flight, choose the seat, etc - and make sure all expenses are included on the invoice.

  • Help adjust travel plans if there is a weather (or other) issue that causes a delay or cancellation. For instance: a couple of times we’ve received a text from a lecturer on a plane whose next flight was delayed or canceled and we were able to find a new solution before they landed. This allowed their trip to keep going smoothly even though the flight, or airline etc., completely changed. 

Accommodation, Transportation & Food

  • Book hotel rooms based on the lecturers preferences: proximity to the lecture or airport, for example. We usually ask them to choose one hotel chain to make the booking process easier. 

  • Book rental cars and/or work with the branch to confirm which church member will be providing transportation. For the rental car, we often ask them to choose one rental car company. If a church member is driving we make sure they have travel details and are in touch with the lecturer a few days before arrival.

  • Provide addresses to the closest restaurants based on the lecturer’s food or restaurant preferences. 

  • Track lecturer food costs (found on the invoice) over 6 months, and calculate a flat fee for food on all invoices. Some lecturers already know what this amount should be.


Communication with the branch church

  • We make sure to maintain the open lines of communication between the lecturer and branch church, though hopefully those discussions can focus more on content and not repeated details. 

  • Create invoices, or multiple invoices, based on the bookings, lecture fee, etc. Send the invoice(s) to the lecturer for verification before sending it to the branch church. 

  • Make sure the branch has the right configuration for how the lecture will look in terms of furniture: a place for books and water, etc. 

  • Make sure the branch tests out any A/V systems - such as the lav mic that might not have been used since last year’s lecture. 

  • When the branch church has any question at all (except for content), we become the first point of contact. If we haven’t learned the lecturer’s preferences, or aren’t sure how to answer, we reach out to the lecturer. We can have more direct and efficient discussions with the lecturer because we have built that ongoing relationship. 



  • Work with the branch if they have publicity needs. This can mean anything from helping them find the BoL process to request it, to having our designer provide a new design with the lecturer's approval, to receiving their own design and making sure the lecturer approves it.


Church recording

  • This is when a branch church wants to record the lecture using its own equipment, or hire a local professional to record it.

  • The lecturer connects us with the church to ensure their equipment is of a good standard.

  • We request a test session or recording. We work with the church until they will be successful in recording a good quality product.

  • The church records the lecture and sends the raw recording.

  • We edit the recording and upload it to the lecturer’s preferred video platform.

  • We send the church the replay embed code, and support the webmaster to place the replay on their church website, if needed. Or, we can embed it if they supply us with login credentials.

  • After the lecturer’s specified length of time, we help the branch to remove the replay and set it to private. 


Church plans to run its own livestream

  • This is when with its own equipment and staff, or with a local professional:

  • The lecturer puts me in touch with the branch church

  • We often do a rehearsal with them, or ask them to send a test recording, and we work together until we both feel that they will be successful in livestreaming a good quality product.

  • We give the church the information needed to livestream through our Vimeo or YouTube platforms, which includes:

  • Embed code to put the livestream player on their website

  • Stream key and URL to enter into their livestream equipment.

  • The church does the livestreaming. We’re often on-call, or watching to make sure the stream is going well and can answer any questions immediately.

  • Churches have reported feeling well-supported and appreciative of the backup if needed.

LECTURE LIVESTREAMING: (Hybrid and Web lectures)

If the branch church doesn’t have equipment:

  • If the church doesn’t have their own video equipment, we either help them find a local professional, or ship them a hybrid kit. Our kit includes a professional point-tilt-zoom (PTZ) 4k camera, tripod, computer, and lavaliere mic.

  • We remotely control the camera, mic, and computer. The setup is a physical one, NOT a technical setup - and we both send a video of how to set it up, and we are on a video call while they are setting it up. We’ve had non-technical church members remark how easy it was to set up.


For all hybrid and web lectures:

  • Ensure the appropriate setup, lighting, etc. before the lecture 

  • Broadcasting, or pre-recording, an introduction from a branch church member

  • Customizing a 15-minute opening slideshow to the branch church

  • We work with each lecturer to design the opening slideshow

  • The goal is to introduce the lecturer, and prepare thought to hear the message

  • The lecturer can provide quotes or references, and their bio

  • Customizing an 8-10 minute slideshow to the branch church

  • This provides information about the branch church, including details on the services, reading room, Sunday School, receiving or purchasing a copy of Science and Health and The Bible

  • As needed, helping to prepare the lecture webpage

  • As needed, helping to prepare simultaneous social media broadcasts of the lecture (Facebook, Instagram, etc)

  • As needed, prepare translated versions of the lecture, with a TMC-approved interpreter.

  • Edit the replay and facilitate posting it on the branch church website

  • Editing the replay on any social media sites

  • Sending regular analytics reports showing the location and number of devices watching the lecture and replay

  • Removing the replay when the permitted time period has elapsed

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